love affair

429.00 kr


Top: Jasmin, Tulip, Star anise
Heart: Tubereuse, Rose, Mimosa
Base: Vanilla

Fresh flowers and the feeling of falling in love, this scent is the peftect escape to the land of romance. The sweetness of vanilla, the excitement of tubeuruse with the heart of a rose transporting you to the middle of a gorgeous, dreamy meadow. Making time to take it all in, one beautiful feeling at a time, just like a LOVE AFFAIR should be.

Our luxury candles are hand crafted in France out of natural soy wax that is sustainably sourced from the USA. We use cotton wicks. To optimise the scent and texture of our candles, our wax mixture contains a little bit of coconut wax and beeswax.

All MALIA candles are of 180g weight and have the approximate burn time of 45 hours.